Where do I Buy Yunnan Baiyao?


Prince of Peace “blue & cream” box


direct import “green and cream” box

As of the date of this post, Yunnan Baiyao is not legally permitted to be imported into the United States. There are a couple of reasons. The FDA requires full disclosure of the formula on the packaging. Because the formula is a Chinese National Treasure and not disclosed, this is problematic! Another reason creating difficulty with sales is that the leaflet enclosed with the product makes many claims that would classify Yunnan Baiyao as a drug (i.e. stops bleeding, shrinks tumors, heals wounds, has an anti-inflammatory action, heals ulcers, etc. The package itself – that is the green box (pictured on the right) commonly imported directly from China – additionally makes no statement about this being a “Dietary Supplement” and does not meet the standards required for labeling by the FDA. If it is to be classified as a drug, it must undergo all the rigorous testing required by the FDA. If it is to be classified as a “Dietary Supplement”, the labeling must change and the claims withdrawn.
A bit of past history:
For many years, Prince of Peace Corporation imported and redistributed Yunnan Baiyao formulas in a manner that satisfied the FDA’s requirements (blue box pictured on the left above). For whatever reason, the ceased doing this some time around 2012-2013. There are still a few of these ‘blue’ boxes around, but they are coming up on their expiration date.
It is said that Solstice Medicine Corporation has begun the process of taking over the distribution, but it remains to be seen when they will actually have any. Calls to the company result in vague answers.
Due to high demand, the price of Yunnan Baiyao has sky-rocketed in the U.S. However, it is this author’s considered opinion that it can be obtained at a reasonable price and minimal risk by ordering a direct shipment from China. You certainly take a risk of your package being seized by customs, however that risk is small, given the millions of packages that flow through customs on a daily basis.

UPDATED: 4 July 2018 – No change in the legal status. There is still some availability via internet websites. Buying directly from China is usually the least expensive but takes longer to arrive.


  • Rob

    there is still an international version that is “blue box” available here with free shipping


    • There are a number of internet sites where you can buy Yunnan Baiyao. This does not make it legal! Both the site administrators and the customers should be aware they are taking a risk when buying/selling Yunnan Baiyao on the internet.
      There are also still counterfeit or expired products available.
      The only internet site of which I am aware that sells the actual, original manufacturer’s product is https://www.yunnanbaiyaostore.com. Note that this website URL is very similar to the poster’s site listed above, but not the same! [note: I am not saying that the site posted above is bad, only that I have not ordered from them, don’t know the owner, and they charge an outrageously high price]. When you buy directly from China, you take the risk of your package being stopped as it comes through customs. This risk is very small, but real.[and no, I get no kickback from the Chinese site].

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